Tavo Embroidered Hat
Tavo Embroidered Hat

Tavo Embroidered Hat

Tavo by Dave Setrakian
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Embroidered hats, one size fits all.

100% cotton
Adjustable D-clip closure



Tavo by Dave Setrakian.

Kuwaiti born of Armenian descent, Dave Setrakian is an Artist and illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. His self-taught ability and adaptable personality have garnered great opportunities as his work has been published in various weekly magazines and has been featured in galleries across the city.  Dave's work exhibits metaphors for gossip & satire, contrast & comparison and social & political ideals. Dave’s tools are multiple and mixed and extend beyond the paintbrush.

In his latest collection Dave has developed signature characters that have embodied the contemporary mood of Toronto’s culture in a series of illustrations that are reflections of his current state of mind entangled with love, sex, music and humor.